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Mvo-p And The Dimensional Psych (And Otherwise) Domain

The material in this section might be taken up by just about any individual that wants to work with it, and finds value in it.  It can be an initial start, taken up immediately on several levels, or set aside for later contemplation and reflection.

MVO: 2019 Thesis

This is primary work from the 2017-2020 time-frame.  It focuses on the mental well-being space and the individual, the participant, the psych unit, and psychiatry, and indicates so much -- multiple angles and etched, dynamic, flexi material, indicating also this very world-space.  I'd like to get a discussion going, in society, on relevant topics.  Within it originated the mvo-p idea, and various categories: the mvo-p professional, mvo-p studies, and mvo-p individual.  It now is contextualized, in my mind, within the Mvo-p idea, which is meant for individuals from many different perspectives and experiences, in whatever way they see benefit.

MVO: Resources In The Mental Well-Being Space

This lists various resources, including Open Dialogues resources.  It also lists various standpoint resources, as well as a list of essays and studies.

Mvo-p – Various Resources That Have Been Key For Kevin A. Sensenig

This is a basic list of resources that have been entirely useful to me.  I plan to add to this, and eventually would like it to be more comprehensive, to reflect a broader set of literature.  But each person will bring his or her own resources; and there are many.

My Zen Writings (Some Observations)

This lists a set of papers that may illuminate; it also provides some insight as to my practice and Zen view.  Included is a paper that lists a set of resources that have been key, in my zazen, practice, and awakening.  This all is ongoing.  Many individuals will have a real-world actuality that they work with, each in his or her own way.  I'd like to point to and incorporate some of that on mvo-p, over time.


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