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My Zen Writings (Some Observations)

These are papers that are meant to illuminate.  See if they do.

What Is Zen -- One Introduction -- kas

A Zen Story: Mathematics And Zero
A Zen Story – Twice
Computing, Space, Zen, The Real Numbers, And Memory
Digital Computing And The Real Numbers
Infinity Coupled With Infinity, In A Finite Time And Space
Space, Also, Is Empty
The Infinite Point
We Are Relative To
Yes And No
The Relative (And Emptiness)
Models Of The Mind (The Lankavatara Sutra)
In Beginningless Time…
Comments On The Diamond Sutra Section 5
Projection, And Absolute Subjectivity
Is The Relational Mind?  Is No-Thing Mind?  (Some Reflections)
Concepts, Zen, And The Realization Of Zazen
Some Thoughts On Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Wisdom, And Artificial Contact Points With Nature (And Other Things)
Reflections On The Lankavatara Sutra XLV: No Causation, Maya, Mind Itself, And The Present-Moment-Unfolding
Unfolding Real Function And Material Characteristics
Mind Itself
The Lamp On The Table With A Switch (No-Characteristics)
Working With The Reality Of A Table, Today (Zen)
Nagarjuna’s FWOTMW, ch. 1 v.1-3: The Nondual
Sunyata-Pratityasamutpada: The Entire World Wake-Stated
Ah!  Oh, Dear: The Mumonkan, Case 29 The Sixth Patriarch Says, “Your Mind Moves”

Highlights With Respect To The Mind, And The World-Space

You can also start here.  See what you get; observe, notice, and consider and contemplate this and other material -- and the experiential, this very world and world-space.

Zen T WFp Logic

Zen Resources

Zen Resources That Have Been Key


Seen in the right way, the world can be so dynamic, and yet still.  We all need a space in which we can see, penetrate, and work with this.  May each person find a way to work with themselves and we-and-the-world in a depth and participant way, and strengthen that in others, in the right way at the right time and place.

Other Papers -- Perhaps With Zen Mind!

Electron As Verb-Math
Having Fun With Math No. 1


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