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Mental View And Orientation Series
By Kevin A. Sensenig
2019 April 17 -- 2019 April 26

Applications Of Working With The Mind And Physiology


In the book "Fundamental Wisdom Of The Middle Way" by Nagarjuna translated by Nishijima, Nishijima notes in his own comments that in zazen perfect balance or inter-fusion of the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system (together, the autonomic nervous system) is attained.  In any case, zazen is mind-breath-body; and likely other meditations apply in this way, as well.  When one attains this aware, interconnected state, one becomes more perfectly attuned -- and more aware and aware of interconnectedness, of being-interconnected, in this very moment and unfolding.


From Tuck.com: Cognitive Behavior Therapy And Insomnia.  This applies both to a real-world application of CBT, and the duration outcomes it can have, and to restful sleep, and how to attain it.

Resources In The Mental Well-Being Space

This presents a number of resources that I've found -- and includes disparate views, approaches, or theory/praxis.  For information or resource.

Resources In The Mental Well-Being Space


The mind and the social-relational can be tricky or straightforward.  May each person find a way to work with themselves and we-and-the-world in a depth and participant way, and strengthen that in others.

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